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Every day, the doctors and nurses at Seattle Cancer Care Alliance take on the seemingly impossible task of curing cancer. More often than you’d think, they win. We worked with SCCA for more than five years, helping establish them as the preferred cancer treatment center in the Northwest.


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In 2014, SCCA launched an ambitious prevention initiative that encouraged people to take simple, everyday steps to reduce their cancer risk — the logic being that the easiest cancer to cure is the one you never get. Interestingly, SCCA was offering advice that, if followed, could potentially and eventually put them out of business.

With the help of our web partner Digital Mullet, we built a prevention website stocked with content we researched and created.

Do One Thing video - Dan

Do One Thing was inspired by students at Nathan Hale High School. Here, Dan talks about how he overcame childhood obesity.

Do One Thing video - Lev

Lev talks about how simply trying something new changed his life for the better.

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