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We worked with Redhook Brewery for ten years, creating a distinct personality for the brand, while also naming, launching and propelling Long Hammer to become the #1 IPA in the country.


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#1 IPA

in the country

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Redhook helped define the craft beer category over 30 years ago. ESB is still one of Seattle's favorite brews.

Our team and Redhook supported gay marriage long before it was legal in WA or the rest of the USA.

Liquid Goodness campaign

Focus groups told us Redhook was "reliable." We turned that into a persona for Redhook as a good friend you could always count on.

Need help burying a body? Redhook was your guy. We evolved the campaign to where Redhook would share guy wisdom about pretty much any topic.

Long Hammer Launch Campaign

First, we named Long Hammer. Then we created a campaign to explain its not-too-hoppy profile.

Redhook Radio